Connected Biomes

I thought of this and said to myself that it would be a fun simple map, but it took me forever to make and was very annoying sometimes. I tried to make it as even as possible and I think I did a pretty good job. I put in different textures to spice it up a little. I hope it gets uploaded.

Carbon Chambers

This map took a long time to get right. I made it a bit small, so I improvised and separated the players by a very thin line of carbon.I think I may have added a bit too much gold, but it's fine by me and I would love to play this map, it's a little off from symmetrical, but it still works. I just love the way the thumbnail looks. Hope it gets uploaded.

Maze Season

There are 4 seasons even though it looks like only three and oh my gosh this map took hours and I perfected it as much as possible I really hope it gets published.

The Last Stand

The Last Stand is the place of the final battle between galactic forces. Featuring spaceship wrecks on an alien planet, The Last Stand Map is the perfect place for all your Strike Tactic Games. You start with a few trees, and a little bit of ore. Dominate the center to get more titanium.

Battle Beach

I spent a very long time trying to think of a good map and boom, I thought of this. It's a bit smaller than my other maps, but it follows the same style. Considering the fact that my other maps didn't get approved I worked very hard on this one. I couldn't think of a good name for a while, so this map overall took a long time. Hope it gets uploaded. :)

Reasonable Riches

I spent a lot this time on perfect placement of mountains and trees I spent a lot of time on this one and I hope it gets uploaded.


Hi! It's my second map. This map is made for 4 peaople or 2 teams. I balanced it with resources, that's why no one will have more resoures that another one. also i used lots of technics to decorate the map. Also I detailed it a lot)) I think you will be satisfied and enjoy your time playing on my map. Thank you! and good luck in battles! :)


This is a map for a group of people or just play on it with bots. There are 3 bioms with different conditions, thy to survive or maybe win! I think you will like it.

Spiral Beach

I spent the most time on this out of all of the maps I've tried to create and I think it'll be approved. It was annoying how hard it was so I hope it does in fact get approved.