Icy Islands

Fight while survive in the cold and freezing islands. There are many carbons and ore in this map. There will be all resources you need in your island, so prepare for war!! :) (pls approved this map, it took hours to do this)

Carbon Pathways

A 4 players map. In this map, there is lots of minerals all around you. Get ready for battle, players!! (PLS approved this, it is a good map, so pls)

Mountain Fort

Trap in a Fort made by mountains

Center Warfield

Build your forces on your island and fight in the center! Your island will have everything you need with a path to the center.

The Fight for Carbon

Players start out with a sufficient amount of ore but with little carbon. Players will have to go to the middle and fight each other in order to get it. This map is made to be chaotic so that only the smartest players will be able to devise a strategy to be able to keep the carbon that is in the center. This map is unique because players have more ore and less carbon. Hopefully, it can change the strategies that are made while on this map. (Please approve of this, it would really spice things up.)

The Fight for Gold

There is only one gold source and the players have to race to get control of it.

Offensive Islands

There are many islands which are available to take advantage of, but the real jackpot is in the center.

Outwards Expansion

This map has a twist. Instead of expanding closer to your enemies, you will grow further away.


Many paths that lead to the enemy. Only one leads to riches. Prepare to fight for it.

Offensive Options

This map allows for multiple ways to attack the enemy. You can circle around with your ground units, strike quickly with air, or mine the trees for a direct path.