Strategic Planning *Updated*

A large map with limited resources. Expand carefully, and fight your rival for control of the center resource cache. Now enabled for 2v2! Map made with love by Mr Biggles

The Cericho Islands

I worked pretty hard on this map and it is not as basic as my two previous maps. I actually had to hand place every tree in the entire map because there was sand for desert trees and summer trees don't really belong there, but on archipelago. So that was pretty hard. I just made up a name for the islands, because I couldn't think of a legitimate name like my other map sandy square, because it was a sandy square. I hope this map gets uploaded I hope the game gets updated and have a nice day.

Utopian Desert

A place full of water and supplies, this desert is now home to war. It features a river to prevent ground troops to cross into the other side, promoting diversity in unit usage. Air units must be used. Carbon is found in the center to promote battle. Exploration is suggested to find all the hidden trees and ores before your opponents.

Sandy Square

I think I should calm down on maps for a while. This one is simple, but I would like to play it. Also, if somehow you could email me ([email protected]) I really want to know if I can put multiple spawn points for stuff so the spawn would be random in between 2 options. Hope it gets approved. :)

Mountain Fortress

I've always loved versing cheating bots with my friends and blockading the entrance with bombard cannons, just we need maps like these to do that there already are maps, like Reasonable Riches. I added in a bunch of hotspots for carbon instead of a few trees everywhere like in Hidden Superweapon. It does have a lot of stuff in it, but it's not too bad for a 100 map. I hope it gets approved. :)

Islands of War

four island connected by a bridge leading to a spot in the middle with plenty of resources. fight to see who will gain success in victory.

Cold Valleys

I know I'm uploading maps like crazy, it's just I think a new map at the front instead of chessboard would be nice. This is my last one for the day unless I get an insane idea. THis one is better then the others in my opinion, but you decide I guess. It does have a high amount of stuff in it, but the map itself is only 100. Hope it gets approved.

Chess Board

It's a simple 1v1 and I thought it would be fun to play chess in strike tactics. As an example bullfrogs as pawns, demolisher as queen and so on. It works even not in a game of "Chess."I hope it gets uploaded.

Vantage Points

I thought it would be fun to make a map kinda like the old ones like winged forest and stuff. I also figured out that you can draw on the map with trees and stuff, it's a good idea to have that in the game. I also think only ground units only challenges with me and my friends would be fun in this map. Hope it gets uploaded. :)