Choke Point

This map allows players to prepare defences and offences with limited ore. The remaining ore is in the center of the map. Prepare to fight for it!

Subaked Plane

A place full of resources, this battleground is ready for war!

Sidewinder II

(Updated version which blocks potential silo locations in central crater.)

Rival Climates

Two rivals locked in battle for millenium discover the resource that will turn the tides of battle in their favour. Be the first team to capitalize on the discovery. An Asymetrical battleground for a 2v2. One gold patch each, with a long distance base to mine gold in either corner


Battle for Arrakis

Resource Mountains HUMANS ONLY

BOTS DON'T PLAY WELL ON THIS MAP. HUMANS ONLY - Sorry For centuries, the two neighboring mountain towns lived in peace with each other. All that changed when hipsters started buying wooden surfboards, and the only two suppliers of premium quality woke wood, came from these two mountains. Eliminate your economic rival from ever taking over the wooden surf board market ever again. 2v2 recommended, gold must be long distanced mined to slow down harpy/peregrine/battleship spam. Enjoy! Map made with love by Mr Biggles

Dark Forests

Winding forest paths, and a lack of gold makes this small FFA or 2v2 a brutal, clausterphopic ground battle. Lots of carbon but nothing will be safe for long! Wonder where the gold is? Gold is for sissies. Learn to use your silencers! But to make everyone feel better, I added some gold in the center. Because I'm a classy guy. Made with love by Mr Biggles

Slow Gold v2

Consists mostly of carbon bases that are easily defensible. Gold is not only scarce, but can only be long distance mined. Getting the right balance of droids/troops, and scouting will be absolute key to victory. 1v1 or 2v2 with shared bases make for an exciting and strategic long game. To mine gold quicker: Put a base on the opposite side of the mountain, however it is not as easy to defend.

Tug of War

Every resource gets you closer to the enemy. Don't sit back! Aggressively mine and defend your workers. Fixed some pathing issues. Made it more pretty. Yup. I said more pretty. Map made with love by Mr Biggles