Sands of Trade

I look to my map, and see what a comprehensible mess it can be. The maps that I make are usually made with no symmetry in mind in terms of layout, but rather in terms of placement and resources, and I don't think this map has either, it however has plenty of ore spots and plenty of trees both in large groups, and spread around in singular amounts.

Peak-y Mountain

A tight 4 player map with a large and well-decorated mountain, has snow on the top as if it's very tall, with the only passage in the middle cut right through it. There are additional passages around it, blocked by 2 dead trees each. The main mountain has 4 cells on it: 2 near the middle and 2 on the corners, that are good for Turrets to be placed. Each player has his own Ore field nearby, but there are additional ore fields near the middle, 4 on each side. Lots of trees.

Arachnid Island

A four player island map, danced sparsely with mountains, and heavily with rivers. Eight Islands, Map is possible in survival. Ore spawns twice on each corner island, once near each player starting location, and more in the middle. Plentiful trees on the map. As always, choke-points and walls made from the natural surroundings and surplus of trees.


A straightforward 4 player map with just 10000 Carbon for each player, and lots of Ore closer to the center, forcing player to move out closer to the circle in the middle, defending his workers as hard as possible and going Ore-expensive units. Represents a tough asteroid hit the middle of some mountain range cross. Lots of rocks and junk in and around the crater.

Frozen Folley

A winter map that has basic intentions of hooking two players into building together, instead of apart from each-other. The map is decorated with plentiful trees and ore alike, as in the mention that both teams have a large surplus of 12000 ore and 60000+ carbon even at the starting location. The intersect between these two bases is a line of trees loosely connected. I tried to make this look slightly like a frozen river, but it's as much as I was willing to do for it.

Island Vein

A fair and large map, to start off with. I made this in a vain attempt to get something reasonably large, and something to say that I could make a fairly large map. I do envy generator and his map output, the layout, the innovation, the planning. It's almost as if it's a breath a fresh air. Likewise, a large island map with four players. Plenty of spots to derive as a forward position, placement for silos, placement for units and towers guarding specific entrances and placements for entry or exit from a player's base.

Hard Snow

A 3 player map. Each player has his own region with lots of trees near the CC and 3 distant Ore fields. There are some differences for each region: Player2 has the smallest region, Player1' region is expanded on the Ore side. (Gameplay: Drones mining the Ore will be very vulnerable to air units from the mountain range in front of them, so they need some good AA cover. But the mountain range is not too wide, thus making it easy for Javelins to target enemy base from behind those mountains. But.

Hidden Superweapon

A Rhombic Island with an unusual Early Game gameplay. Player spawns are a small white circles that aren't connected to the island and remote enough for Command Center to be out of range for any ground unit on the Island (Except Javelin); An Island has a lot of trees that make it hard for ground units to move. Center of the Island has a circle out of 8 Ore fields. There are additional islands near the edges of the rhomb, they're just for getting Carbon safely from ground units. (396.61 KB)

Double Opposition

4 Players spawn on each opposite side of 2 islands, which are only connected by frozen lava flow, which has 4 Ore fields as a middle of the map. Each island has 6 Ore fields, divided equally between players. Lots of trees. (UPD1: Reduced trees amount near Player1 and near the middle)

Lake Grievance

A two player 1v1 map, on the 72x72 size, relatively large in mind but still worth for a drawn-out battle. The lake to the bottom-right of the map is a serving of impassable terrain, providing scenery. The Mountain to the top-left provides as a flank and as a point to avoid the middle of the map. There are plenty of ore spots and packs of trees alike, enough to provide points to defend and secure.