v1.05 patch notes

Strike Tactics is now 100% free-to-play, with all content (including ranking and the map editor) being accessible to registered users. To become a registered user, create a free account here

Anyone who purchased or pre-ordered Strike Tactics can receive a 100% full refund. Just ask using the email contact link at the bottom of the website. 


  • You can now zoom out with the mouse wheel while in observer mode. To easily test this functionality, enter into a game with yourself set to an observer and 2 AI on opposing teams. 
  • Selected units now have circles underneath to indicate their selection status.
  • Lobby now shows 10 most recent messages upon joining.
  • Added text to join Discord from the lobby. 


  • Made improvements to ground unit movement net code.
  • Fixed AI not shooting at some players in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed heal unit sometimes not healing when the health was near max in deathmatch.
  • Droid laser sounds are more audible. 
  • Increased default game and music volume.
  • Fixed units sometimes not dying on all clients. 


  • Most upgrades are significantly cheaper. 

Hotfixes/Updates 8/18/17

  • Fixed "registration successful" message not disappearing after creating an account.
  • Gladiator build time reduced from 35 to 20 seconds; ore cost reduced from 150 to 100 and cannon damage increased from 100 to 150. 
  • Fixed ELO not graphing correctly.
  • Made tech upgrades even cheaper. 

Updates 8/19/17

  • Victory condition changed from destroy all enemy units and buildings to destroy all enemy buildings.
  • Adjusted sizes of currently selected unit circles - battleship has no circle.

v.104 patch notes


  • Revamped transport/networking layer by switching from socket.io to ws as a websocket library. Network performance should signifigantly improve with disconnects being extremely rare and reconnect logic working properly. 
  • In the change server dialog, the ping of the server you are currently connected to will up date in real time as opposed to only on page load. 
  • Now showing logged in (paid) users at the top of the lobby list with links to the account profile and orange underlined text. Guests names are displayed in white with no link (as they do not have account pages), below logged in users.


  • Fixed victory/defeat condistions in 2v2 games.
  • Ping updates more frequently.
  • Fixed lines sometimes not connecting in the end game stat charts.
  • Fixed map name sometimes showing as N/A in lobby games list.
  • You can now highlight text in lobby and pre-game root chat. 
  • Total players count in lobby should be more accurate. 
  • Fixed "you did not beat your best wave of undefined" in survival. 

Updates 8/9/17

  • Survival mode is now enabled on most ground maps. Instead of stuff spawning at spawn locations on 4-player maps, the spawn locations are always in the center of the map.
  • If a guest chooses a map with survival mode enabled, the default game type will be survival and an AI will automatically be added to the room (as an AI is required to play survival single player).
  • [Experimental] Find game button is hidden for guests.
  • Made survival mode easier. You start out with more units and face less in the first waves.
  • Fixed buildings/units sometimes spawning on top of each other in survival, especially in multiplayer.
  • Removed some of the trees in the center of the "Enclave" map.
  • Removed some of the volcanoes in the center of the "Burning Divide" map.

Updates 8/10/17

  • Camera now focuses on first units in survival. 

Hotfixes 8/11/17

  • Fixed lobby layout breaking and buttons appearing twice in some circumstances.

Hotfixes 8/13/17

  • Game rooms should properly get deleted after the host has left.
  • Guests now see the find game button again and no longer have game type set to survival on default (that was experimental).
  • Fixed production menu sometimes not appearing when you click a production building. 
  • Total players should never be lower than players here (that happened because total players only updated on page load).
  • You should no longer get "you were kicked from the game room" message when changing servers.  
  • Multiplayer game should now properly reconnect if your router or wifi device resets. 

v1.03 patch notes


  • Added option to disable unit info window. 
  • Max players per server increased from 70 to 100.
  • Added error handling for when a map does not load properly. 
  • Translated more text to Russian and Spanish. 
  • Added a "Basic Controls" video which appears in a dialog box for users that are not logged in. 


  • Fixed games list automatically going back to the first page when some of the data in the games list table changed. 
  • "Restart" button changed to "Return to lobby" in menu options for users not logged in.
  • Fixed room not opening when clicked in the games list.
  • Fixed hovering units flying off the map during lag spikes.
  • Fixed crash caused by moving units to a position not on the map. 

v.1.02 patch notes


  • Lobby and pre-game room UI is now fully responsive and takes up screen dimensions based on the device. This also makes the game much more iframe-friendly. 


  • Improved the networking layer to make it more reliable. Disconnects should be less frequent. 
  • Fixed game rooms not getting deleted long after the host left. 
  • Fixed victory/defeat sometimes not being accurate at end game screen.
  • You no longer get a reconnect screen when your oppenent goes to another tab. 
  • Background now blurs when you return to the lobby from a game. In-game UI elements, such as the mini map and unit info box should disappear. 
  • Lobby music plays upon returning to the lobby form in-game. 
  • Find game button now appears at end game screen after playing a non-multiplayer game. 

Hotfixes 8/2/17

  • Changed the port websockets used to 80. This should result in more stable connections as firewalls are less of a problem.
  • Fixed the lobby ui appearing off-screen after game ends.
  • Reduced the maximum height on players list so the list won't overflow on small screens.

Hotfixes 8/3/17

  • Disabled screen-scrolling by default for the game embedded in iframes.
  • Disabled Google translate Chrome feature as it ruins game performance. 
  • Added Russian translations for important UI text.
  • Removed a bunch of the slow loading maps from auto-matchmaking.
  • You should no longer get a reconnecting screen before the game has loaded. 
  • Re-enabled alternative transport methods, including XHR polling, as a fallback to websockets.
  • Reduced blur on lobby background game and removed slow motion so the background game plays at normal game speed. 
  • Updated socket.io to the latest for both the server and client. 
  • Made some adjustements to the networking layer. Disconnects should be less frequent. 

v1.0 patch notes


  • Added two new servers: Europe 2 (Paris, France) and US West 1 (LA). 
  • You can now manually aim and fire the guns of your units by holding down the right button while the units are selected. The units will shoot in the direction you move the cursor. If the cursor is outside the range of the unit, the unit will continue to fire to their maximum range. At soon as you release RMB, units go back to auto targeting and firing. 
  • Update music files with final edits and live drums. 


  • May have fixed the bug where players would get a reconnect screen every 20 seconds or so. Because this bug is so difficult to reproduce, I cannot know for sure if the fix works. 
  • Players in room ping will update every 5 seconds instead of every 20. 
  • If the server restarts and you are in the lobby, you will not properly rejoin the lobby. 
  • Fixed units sometimes not dying on all clients. 
  • Disabled the ability to click current selected unit icons as that causes selection box issues. 
  • Mantas no longer turn to a location you send them to if an enemy is neaby. 
  • Underscores should no longer appear in place of spaces in "Now playing" music text. 
  • The UI no longer changes opacity when you mouse drag. 
  • Updated the system hotkey text table in menu settings.
  • You are now restriced to playing game modes specified by the map uploader. 

Hotfixes 7/31/17

  • Fixed a bug which caused battleships to not die properly.
  • Fixed Weaver not taking up population.
  • Control-A now properly deselects all units first and will not select scouts.
  • Battleship bullet speed increased from 2K pixels/sec to 3K. Changed the bullet size (cosmetic) and removed bullet shadows on its triple cannons.
  • Fixed end game screen bug which caused your next game to crash.
  • Enemy aircraft now turn smoother in multiplayer games.
  • The auto-matchmaking finding players text now properly updates when you change servers.
  • Fixed ground units not going to maximum range when you click to attack something outside of range. I also made some adjustments to ground unit targeting like canceling the current path when you click to attack. In short, click to attack should work a lot better now for ground units.
  • If you are not the host of the room, you still see the same interface and if the host leaves and you become the host, you will be able to use all the hosts' buttons (e.g. start game, add ai).
  • Fixed the battleship scaling strangely in multiplayer games.
  • Manta no longer looks paranoid, constantly turning around when idle.
  • Set the default server to Europe 1.
  • Changed ping color levels. Anything less than 125 is green, between 125 and 250 is yellow. Greater than 250 is red.
  • Disabled standard game tutorial showing in death match.

v.999 (beta) patch notes


  • Observer can now see icons of all the unit types and counts for every player in the game. The type and count icons appear in the same place (top right) as the unit type icons you see when not in observer mode. 
  • Observer can now select units and view info about that unit. 
  • Added a small box below the player list in the main lobby. The box has some social media links and the account name you are currently logged in, along with a link to your account profile and match history. 
  • Unit info now shows the DPS with bonus damage taken into account. 
  • Implemented auto-matchmaking. Enter auto-matchmaking by hitting the "find game" button in the lobby. Free players will be able to auto-matchmake for the deathmatch 1v1v1v1 game mode and paid players will be able to auto-matchmake for both deathmatch and standard 1v1 game modes. In the future, I may add more game modes to auto-matchmaking for paid players, including 2v2 standard and 2v2 deathmatch. 
  • Implemented a new unit: the weaver. The weaver is an advanced anti-air unit which can be built from the tank factory. It is meant to be a relatively cheap (25 ore, 50 carbon) upgrade to the merk if air units are giving you too much trouble in the mid game. It is slightly faster than all mechs as well (220 pixels/second vs 200) and shoots homing missiles (170 DPS to ground and 300 to air) which never miss, regardless of how fast the targeted unit is moving. Weavers are also relatively tanky compared to mechs with 1200 hp (the merk has only 900). 

Strike Tactics Weaver unit

Strike Tactics weaver unit attacking



  • Workers will no longer lose their inventory when they cancel harvesting to do something else. 
  • You should no longer get a "server full" message when the servers are not all full. 
  • Redid all player colors other than player 1. Previously, the unit textures were created by doing a hue shift of 72 degrees on the player 1 texture. I now use an increment of 150 degrees, giving the units a more distinctive look. Player 2 (once purple) is now red, player 3 (once dark red) is bright green and player 4 (once yellow) is light purple. 
  • Fixed a game-breaking bug which was caused by game start functions being run more than once. 
  • Fixed 2 server-side errors which sometimes broke the game you were in. 
  • Unlock building UI should properly disappear at the end of a deathmatch game. They should also appear below other in-game interfaces (like the resources tab).
  • When a host leaves a room and there is still 1 or more people left, those people are no longer kicked. Instead, someone else in the room becomes the host. 
  • Shrunk the unit info window and made it appear only when appropriate. The unit info box also no longer receives input events (to allow move clicking to the bottom right of the window). 
  • Fixed the observer not being able to see worker lasers and effects. 
  • You can no longer add AI in Deathmatch as the AI I wrote is meant for standard mode. 
  • Ore is no longer drawn to the map in deathmatch, regardless of whether it exists in the map file. 
  • Removed the idle button in observer mode or non-standard game modes. 
  • Fixed some padding issues in the pre-game room. 
  • Fixed and re-enabled the tutorial. 
  • Adjusted some of the unit sound volumes. 
  • De-saturated the tech lab and tank factory so they fit the color balance on the other buildings. 
  • Fixed lobby online players list showing the same person twice. 
  • Fixed ping colors not showing properly in the "players in room" dialog box. 
  • If a player surrenders and goes to another tab while more than 1 person is still left playing the game, those people will not get a reconnecting screen for the tabbed-out player. 

Hotfixes 7/28/17

  • Fixed full screen button not working.
  • Weaver default hotkey now working.
  • Weaver build time increased from 5 seconds to 12 (oops).
  • ELO change now appears in proper format in match history (e.g. [old rank] +/- rank gained/lost).

Strike Tactics tournament #1 results

I had a lot of fun playing in the first official Strike Tactics tournament, "just for fun," last week. There was a lot of funny and surprising moments. I plan to make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing and anyone who wants to host can get in contact with me on discord. Hopefully the next time around there will be a prize pool. Many thanks to Dissonant for volunteering to cast even though he doesn't know much about the game yet (bombers attacking workers, seriously!?). Watch the full tournament with the youtube playlist below.

v.995 (beta) patch notes


  • Implemented change server functionality. In the lobby, you can now change servers using the gear icon in the top right. Clicking the gear will show a list of all available servers, the number of players on each server, location, ping, etc. 
  • You can set a home server from the change server interface (see above). If your home server is up, you will automatically join that server when you first load the page. If you have never set a home server, you will automatically join the server with the lowest latency (ping) when you first load the page. 
  • The old test node server on AWS will no longer be used or available in the server list. I've added two new servers: US East 1 (New Jersey) and Europe 1 (Amsterdam). These servers should be much more performant than the AWS one, mainly because they are not sharing resources with the LAMP web server. I will continue to add more servers in different locations in the future. 
  • Ping text is now color red, yellow or green based on ping quality. 
  • Game room URL now shows the server so players who use the link will join the appropriate server. Also, you can now manually join a server by providing the URL parameter (e.g. striketactics.net/play?server=europe1). 
  • Added security against script injection in map files. You should see a warning if a malicious script is detected in community uploaded maps. 
  • Console cheating is no longer possible. 


  • Fixed game sometimes breaking after a deathmatch.
  • Fixed dialog boxes going behind other dialog boxes.
  • Fixed the position of close button on dialog boxes.
  • Fixed game-breaking bug related to worker lasers which would sometimes break the game after you finished a match. 
  • Fixed empty game rooms not getting deleted and the same player being listed multiple times in the player list. 
  • Hotkeys should no longer be reset every time I make a change to game options. 
  • You should no longer get error alerts in the lobby when one of the data cells (in the games list table) is undefined. 
  • Fixed problem where some adblockers (particularly ublock origin) would break the game due to an unusual conflict between 3 unrelated softwares: the apache Google pagespeed module, adblocker and the google analytics script. Adblockers now safely block the google analytics script without breaking the game. Good luck to anyone who runs into that problem. 


  • You can no longer manually target buildings with bombers in deathmatch. 

Hotfixes 7/24/17

  • Prevented players from joining a server if it is full.
  • Updated text user receives if the home server is down or full, and therefore unable to join.
  • Fixed "connecting" text showing permanently in the map editor.
  • Now when you enter the map editor, no connection to multiplayer server will be made (which improves performance).

v.992 (beta) patch notes


  • Added a "Remove all textures" button to the map editor. 
  • Revamped the map selection screen to make it cleaner. You no longer need to scroll down after clicking a pagination link. Also added several filter options: official, community, game type, # of players and the abilitiy to search for a map by name.
  • Added author text to upper right of map thumb in map selection screen. 

Strike Tactics map selection screen


  • Fixed a bug related to the workers laser which would cause the game to randomly crash. 
  • Informational messages/prompts now showing in map editor. 
  • When you save a map the file name will now be the same as the map name. 
  • Changed text in unit range info from "m" to "pixels."
  • In the map editor, you are now limited to how close you can place ground textures for performance reasons. 
  • Updated Javelin unit description to read that it does not do splash damage. 
  • Fixed a server-side issue which may have caused crashes when a player leaves.
  • Players online list should no longer say "8 players online" when you first load the page.
  • Fixed the carbon mining tech tooltip text.  


  • Overhauled Peregrine and gnat so that they fire less discriminantly. Gnat is no longer a suicidal unit but a cheap, ore-based light fighter (counterpart to the manta).
  • Increased Peregrine health from 690 to 1100.
  • Gnat cost set to 25 ore. 

v.99 (beta) patch notes


  • Camera focuses on your Command Center when the game begins in Deathmatch. 
  • Server now sends a message letting everyone else know when one player has surrendered (mostly applicable to non-1v1 games). 
  • Now when you click a single unit, a window will appear with unit information. 
  • Tech complete sound now plays when you unlock a unit in Deathmatch. 

Strike Tactics unit info


  • Time to kick player for disconnect reduced from 90 seconds to 60.
  • Fixed bug which would cause you to not be able to use hotkeys. 
  • Fixed a bug which would cause you to be stuck only chatting to allies when you weren't even in a game. 
  • Fixed a major bug which was caused by the unit recycling system (units would sometimes be invisible to enemy players).
  • Leaving the tab and going back to it in multiplayer games no longer causes game to break in certain circumstances.
  • Cleaned up Four Forests (Deathmatch map).
  • Fixed games becoming ranked when there were more than 2 human players.
  • Techs no longer required to be unlocked (like units) before you can purchase them in Deathmatch.
  • Fixed tiered upgrades costing gold in DM.
  • Fixed units not starting in the correct spawn and on the wrong team in Deathmatch.
  • Fixed selection box showing when placing a building.
  • (Hopefully) fixed the problem where units change color when a player leaves. 


  • Carbon-based units and technology are cheaper in Deathmatch.
  • DM max pop reduced from 100 to 60.
  • Stealth tech now makes bombers invisible on the radar instead of needing to be manually clicked to attack.
  • Stealth tech cost is now 100 carbon.
  • Increased droid build time from 15 to 18 seconds. 
  • Demolisher health increased from 3K to 4K. 
  • Silencer bullet damage increased from 150 to 200. 
  • Bomber bombs damage decreased from 200 to 180. 

Hotfixes 7/19/17

  • Fixed bug which caused your newly spawned units to have the wrong color/team when another player leaves the game.