Ranking changes, monthly tournaments with cash prizes

  • Beginning September 1st, the ELO system will reset monthly, with each player going back to 1,200 ELO at the start of each new month. The match history in your profile will stay the same, but I may put a space to indicate when a monthly ELO reset has taken place. 
  • At the end of each month, an official tournament will be held for the top 6 ELO players or for players further down the list if one or more of the top 6 are unable to play.  
  • The champion of the monthly tournament will receive a cash prize, the amount of which will be announced each month. The amount for September will be $50 USD.
  • The winner will also have his or her's username immortalized on the ladder page with a special section for "Champions," along with the ELO they achieved that month and a link to the tournament VOD. 

All of this stuff is subject to change in the future, but that is the plan right now.