v1.065 patch notes


  • Added new harpy gun sound and peregrine machine gun sound. 


  • Fixed AI not being able to construct anything in the beginning of the game because an enemy scout was nearby. 
  • Fixed bullets appearing visible earlier than they should when leaving the gun. 
  • Computer no longer builds an necessary number of silos in the early game and will build a mech factory and bombard cannons before building silos. 
  • Game found desktop notification no longer appears if you are already in the tab. 
  • Changed the full screen icon into something more intelligible. 
  • Fixed AI sometimes not seeing enemy units in multiplayer games. 
  • Fixed some unit targeting issues. 
  • Fixed bullets sometimes not being recycled properly (i.e. being weaker or stronger than they should be). 


  • Pulsar cannons damage reduced from 175 to 100. Pulsar cannons continue to have area of effect damage. 
  • Harpy firing rate improved (fires every 100 milliseconds instead of 150).