Strike Tactics Tournament #2 Results

Congratulations to ZertoN for being the champion of the second official Strike Tactics tournament.  It was a grueling best of 3 final set of matches between ZertoN and kthocken with back and fourth Manta trades that seemed to go on forever. It was mentally exhausting to watch so I can only imagine how mentally exhausting it was to play.

Watch the full tournament below!

Standing and final results.

Strike Tactics tournament #1 results

I had a lot of fun playing in the first official Strike Tactics tournament, "just for fun," last week. There was a lot of funny and surprising moments. I plan to make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing and anyone who wants to host can get in contact with me on discord. Hopefully the next time around there will be a prize pool. Many thanks to Dissonant for volunteering to cast even though he doesn't know much about the game yet (bombers attacking workers, seriously!?). Watch the full tournament with the youtube playlist below.