v1.06 patch notes


  • Added game timer. 
  • You will now receive desktop notifications when a match is found and you are not in the game tab. This allows people to safely go to another tab while searching for a match using the "find game" button. 
  • You can now destroy your own units with the delete key. 
  • C key will cancel ground unit movement. Current selected air units return to last destination if you hit C. 
  • You must now be logged in to use the find game button (auto-matchmaking). 
  • Added "view global rankings" and tournament info to the lobby info box. 


  • Added back in the ability to change idle worker hotkey. 
  • Fixed units not spawning in Survival mode. 
  • Fixed sometimes not seeing what your ally could see.
  • Removed FFA as a game type (just use standard game type and set teams appropriately for FFA). 
  • You should no longer see "host cannot start the game ..." messages in the lobby. 
  • Reduced volume of the droid laser sounds.


  • Gladiator now requires tech lab to be built; cost changed from 100 ore / 50 carbon to 150 carbon. 
  • Gladiator primary weapon can no longer hit air units.
  • Gladiator Pulsar Cannon tech damage reduced from 250 to 175 and can no longer hit air units. 
  • Harpy ore cost reduced from 150 to 100; health increased from 1,930 to 2,500. 
  • Bomber ore cost reduced from 100 to 75; health increased from 830 to 1,200.
  • Gnat costs 50 carbon instead of 25 ore; build time reduced from 15 to 8 seconds. 
  • Roller ore cost reduced from 150 to 100. 
  • Command center cost reduced from 250 to 100 carbon. 
  • Javelin fire rate decreased from 4 to 3 sec.
  • Tech Lab build time increased from 40 to 60 seconds.