Excessive Heat

A bit too symmetrical map with limited pathways: First is a circle around volcano in the middle, Second is a main island's beach. Players 1 and 2 are spawned on peninsulas, Players 3 and 4 are on the corners of the main island. Each player has the same amouts of Ore and Trees, except Player 3 and 4 at mid-game will need to move their workers much closer to inner path-circle that connects Player 1 and 2, thus demanding them to be extra aggressive.


A small and confusing looking map. Swamps known to have poor soils, so the ore can only be found right in the middle. Game zone has similiarities with "Scorchy Roundabout", except it's theme is completely different and it's hard for ground units to move around, however not because of 'wet' places - it's checked with Tree Placement Tool that every each 'watery' ground is walkable (which I do with every map that has such controversialities) - but due to excessive chaotic vegetation.

Franklin Lake

A simple two-player duel map with nearly equal opportunity on either side of the lake in the middle. I got a little lazy with this map and went with a little random generation.

Unsafe Planning

A detailed map that focuses on three points of travel between the base spawns. Large ore patches are placed in in-between locations to allow forward basing and advancement. Same also goes for the trees, if less-so.

A Time For Battle

largely symmetrical four-player map with some interesting start positions. players have roughly equal starting resources, but may find the terrain to their advantage... or detriment, if incautious. Expect fierce fighting in the center, however, thanks to the narrow land bridge there.

Picket Fence

A 1v3 map, possibly the second or third one that I've made so far, it's a relatively small map with some sense of background and theme, the picket fence just blocking off invaders temporarily. Contains plentiful resources, not much else to say other than trees being sparse for expansion from starting locations.

Beach Duel

A two player map where either player is on the other side of the other. Islands to the sides of the spawns, and sparse resource counts throughout the map. A very basic sort of duel map.

Forest Allowance

A relatively small map. Of which basically allows a direct push towards the enemy, the map can provide several chokes for any path out of the direct way towards the enemy base. There's not really much else I can say about the map.

Madness River

A map designated as a three-player match, as a three-way battle with the middle being taken over by a river, and being the only thing separating close encounters with an early-game. The spawns for the map are based around the land entrances to each player's portion of the plateau. There aren't plentiful trees, but there is enough ore for a decently sized battle. The river in the middle divides the spawns nearly equally proportioned, but allows for quick artillery bombardments, aircraft entryway, and leeway for pushing buildings towards the enemy.

Tropical Wastelands

A three player map capable of Survival. Plentiful resources to get the battle flowing, and with a large coastline to allow for sneak attacks, it'd be one mess of a fight. Player one starts at the top-right, player two starts at the bottom-right, and player three starts to the left. A river separates players one and two, but is accessible to the entrance of the river for travel across.