Revised map & updated file size to be under 400KB.


Highly balanced map for 4 player skirmishes with each section being equal to the others. Prepare for battle and stay sharp for any early mech advances.


Ultra balanced map for 4 player skirmishes with each quadrant containing the same starting position, resources and structure.

Desert Shield

Balanced three player may in a desert setting with starting ore and carbon for quick & dirty fights.

Alien Planet

After discovering a new alien planet, your crew is on their way to the LC for additional exploration. The LC is devoid of any ore and only has little carbon sources. You will have to find resources elsewhere.

Icy Roundabout

You only can use the middle maze path to go to your enemies base!! Beware the resources you have is only a little of them, if you booked the middle, your the richest!!!

Sandy Trails

Follow the trails made by sand over the map, but don't follow to far, it may lead to your enemy's lair!!!