v.93 (beta) patch notes

  • [Feature] You can now be an observer by setting your team to "observer" in the game room before a game starts. As an observer, you can see everything on the map (no fog of war). Currently games with observers are unranked but this will change after the feature is thoroughly tested.
  • [Feature] Control left-click selects all units of a type currently in the camera
  • [Fix] Fixed some styling issues in the game room (e.g. long usernames will no longer break the layout). 
  • [Fix] Kicking a player from the game room should now work correctly. 
  • [Fix] Units in background game of lobby no longer explode when a player leaves the lobby. 
  • [Fix] Right click menu appearing when you right click the top right of the screen should be fixed for good now. 
  • [Fix] Removed white border around unit type icons and resource panel in top right.
  • [Fix] Smart casting now takes into account the number of units currently in the build que and distributes build commands accordingly.  
  • [Fix] Air units leaving the map should now return properly (hopefully this is fixed for the last time). 
  • [Fix] Command center had an area which was walkable but should have been unwalkable.
  • [Fix] CTRL-A no longer sets units to a control group (as that was conflicting with CTRL-A, select all military system hotkey). 
  • [Fix] Lights on top of mech factory should no longer appear above the gantry and crane which tweens on top. 
  • [Fix] Attempting to place a building on top of an unwalkable area no longer deselects the worker. 
  • [Fix] Fixed various selection problems, like resource amounts showing when you place a building on top and click drag not working when you hold down control key for too long. 
  • [Gameplay] Reduced size of workers, merks and bullfrogs slightly and reduce the size of factories and airstrips. This should make bases feel less claustrophobic and give you more space to build stuff and move units around. The following screenshot shows the new size of the mechs, factory and airstrip: Strike Tactics new game object sizes
  • [Gameplay] Demolisher damage increased from 100 to 125. 
  • [Gameplay] Silencer bullets now path through targets dealing 1/2 damage. Bullets do full damage to bullet target (if hit). 
  • [Gameplay] Base unit ranges normalized and decreased from 700 to 600 (the same constant used for the line of sight).
  • [Gameplay] Manta turning no longer happens instantly but instead, near-instantly. The turn is now a tween instead of and instant angle change, which will result in smoother graphics. 
  • [Gameplay] Manta pop cost decreased from 2 to 1. 
  • [Gameplay] Gunship hanger build time decreased from 40 to 30.
  • [Gameplay] Airstrip only requires mech factory to be built now. 
  • [Gameplay] Airstrip build time increased from 40 to 50. 
  • [Gameplay] Slight delay added back between start worker spawn time. Previously the delay was 250 milliseconds. It was set to 0 in a previous patch but is now set to 50 milli. This is to prevent them from clumping on top of each other in the beginning. 50 milliseconds is so fast that it should appear as though they span instantly. 
  •  [Feature] Added back in lights on buildings. 
  • [Gameplay] Silencer energy cost increased from 0 to 50. 
  • [Gameplay] Demolisher now does damage in an area (blast radius of 50 pixels). 
  • [Gameplay] Demolisher health reduced from 4500 to 3000. 
  • [Gameplay] Gnat cost increased from 50 to 76 carbon. Gnat supply cost decreased from 2 to 1. 
  • [Gameplay] Easy, medium and hard AI no longer cheat by starting out with more resources
  • [Gameplay] Added option for "cheating" AI which is a super hard AI which cheats by starting out with more resources. 
  • [Gameplay] Improved some AI behavior (e.g. AI will rebuild command center if it is destroyed, various difficulties have various minimum first attack times). 
  • [Gameplay] You can no longer place buildings on top of ground units. 


  • Fixed the bug which would cause selection issues and multiple buildings to place when you click a build unit icon more than once.
  • Stopped right click menu from appearing when clicking production menu in lower right.
  • Made Peregrine turn animation smoother.
  • Fixed units continuing to fly after their target was destroyed.
  • Fixed air units turn lag in multiplayer games. 


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