v.8 (alpha) patch notes

  • [Feature] Added end-game stats. I will add APM as well as some other interesting stats in the future. 
  • [Feature] Turned on purely cosmetic gun and unit recoil. This had been accidentally turned off previously but having it on adds a lot of visual goodiness.
  • [Feature] You can now surrender while in a game through the menu. Surrendering will cause the end game screen (with stats) to appear, and you won't be automatically returned to the lobby. 
  • [Fix] Gladiator torso now turns properly.
  • [Fix] Easy computer now builds military units.
  • [Fix] AI units were paralyzed in certain circumstances. 
  • [Fix] Removed black square around selected resource (it looked out of place).
  • [Fix] You can now properly see what your ally sees through fog of war.
  • [Fix] You should no longer be able to see units not on your team fighting each other. 
  • [Fix] Cancelling a lot of units at one time no longer triggers anti-cheat code.
  • [Fix] Bullets have varying speeds and previously, the maximum speed was something like 5000 pixels per second. This was a problem because A) you couldn't see the bullet well and B) If the game was not running at 60 FPS, my collision code would sometimes not catch a collision (between the bullet and an enemy unit) because it was happening faster than the game update loop. Now bullets have a maximum speed of 2000 pixels per second. They are easier to see and will always hit a target if they pass through one, regardless of FPS. 
  • [Gameplay] Except for the bomber, all units with exploding rounds (i.e. most units) no longer have splash damage. In other words, all units aren't like High Templars in sc2!
  • [Gameplay] Silencer bullets continuing to do damage after passing through targets turned off (likely temporarily).
  • [Gameplay] Previously, air units would maintain relative positioning when ordered to move, only if their distance was less than 300 pixels from the centroid of the selected units group. That constant worked great for ground units, but air units should have more freedom, so they now maintain relative positioning up to 1000 pixels away from the centroid of the selected units group. 
  • [Gameplay] Previously, most units had a recoil which would cause their gun rotations to move slightly to a random degree after firing. This, among many other factors, could cause guns to sometimes miss. Different units and guns had different recoil amounts and were therefore more/less accurate. This feature has now been turned off on all units except the Merk. The Merk gun's recoil is designed to give it an edge against air units because it creates a wider spread. As for other units, they should fire more accurately with the RNG mechanic removed. 
  • [Gameplay] Fixed lots of damage inconsistencies, such as damage from a bullet registering twice when it should have registered only once. 
  • [Gameplay] Merk carbon cost decreased to 75 from 100.
  • [Gameplay] Gladiator can now shoot air units with both guns.
  • [Gameplay] Droid health reduced from 600 to 300.
  • [Gameplay] Droid build time increased from 15 to 20 seconds. 
  • [Gameplay] Command Center cost decreased from 400 to 300 carbon.
  • [Gameplay] Command Centers now act as resource drop off points (like silos).
  • [Gameplay] Start number of workers decreased from 8 to 6. 
  • [Gameplay] Demolisher time to build increased to 35 from 15. 
  • [Experimental] You can now see your own droid lasers and burners but no one else's (cosmetic performance stuff).
  • [Experimental] Air units are no longer forced to return to the map when they leave the world bounds. This was problematic because they sometimes turned in the direction that would take them longer to return to the map. I will likely re-enable a fixed version of this mechanic in the future. 




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