v1.05 patch notes

Strike Tactics is now 100% free-to-play, with all content (including ranking and the map editor) being accessible to registered users. To become a registered user, create a free account here

Anyone who purchased or pre-ordered Strike Tactics can receive a 100% full refund. Just ask using the email contact link at the bottom of the website. 


  • You can now zoom out with the mouse wheel while in observer mode. To easily test this functionality, enter into a game with yourself set to an observer and 2 AI on opposing teams. 
  • Selected units now have circles underneath to indicate their selection status.
  • Lobby now shows 10 most recent messages upon joining.
  • Added text to join Discord from the lobby. 


  • Made improvements to ground unit movement net code.
  • Fixed AI not shooting at some players in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed heal unit sometimes not healing when the health was near max in deathmatch.
  • Droid laser sounds are more audible. 
  • Increased default game and music volume.
  • Fixed units sometimes not dying on all clients. 


  • Most upgrades are significantly cheaper. 

Hotfixes/Updates 8/18/17

  • Fixed "registration successful" message not disappearing after creating an account.
  • Gladiator build time reduced from 35 to 20 seconds; ore cost reduced from 150 to 100 and cannon damage increased from 100 to 150. 
  • Fixed ELO not graphing correctly.
  • Made tech upgrades even cheaper. 

Updates 8/19/17

  • Victory condition changed from destroy all enemy units and buildings to destroy all enemy buildings.
  • Adjusted sizes of currently selected unit circles - battleship has no circle.


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