Looking for alpha testers

Strike Tactics is now almost feature complete with a fully working core game, single player (vs. AI), multiplayer and map editor. I have been playing the game a lot, multiplayer and single player modes. I'm really happy with the core gameplay, but I'm still a few weeks away from sending it to people who have pre-ordered for early access. The biggest hurdle left is performance. I'm pushing for a smooth experience which means 60FPS with not much going on and between 30-50 FPS during the big battles with lots of units. To me, performance is everything. So I am willing to cut a lot of the cosmetics for a smoother framerate. Other than that, there's a lot of misc bugs that really only show themselves after you play hundreds of games. I've not quite played hundreds of games yet, but I'm getting there! 

Even though it's a few weeks out, I'd like to start making a list of people interested in playing the alpha. Only people who have pre-ordered would qualify.

Once you opt in for the alpha, I will give your account access and send you a link to the game when it's ready. You only need your account info (which is provided after pre-ordering). You can then play single player (against AI) or multiplayer against other alpha testers. Because there will be such a low volume of people, I will set up a discord app for the game to help you look for people to play and to discuss the game with me and other alpha testers. Although there is a lobby chat system, I think the discord app will be more congenial. I will be in there all day so if you can't find anyone, you can always play against me. 

Anyone who is a part of the alpha (which will eventually transition into the beta) will be recognized in some way in their game profile or in some other way. 

If you'd like to sign up for the alpha, please email me using the contact link at the bottom of striketactics.net. Be sure to include your email or username which you entered in when you pre-ordered.