v.995 (beta) patch notes


  • Implemented change server functionality. In the lobby, you can now change servers using the gear icon in the top right. Clicking the gear will show a list of all available servers, the number of players on each server, location, ping, etc. 
  • You can set a home server from the change server interface (see above). If your home server is up, you will automatically join that server when you first load the page. If you have never set a home server, you will automatically join the server with the lowest latency (ping) when you first load the page. 
  • The old test node server on AWS will no longer be used or available in the server list. I've added two new servers: US East 1 (New Jersey) and Europe 1 (Amsterdam). These servers should be much more performant than the AWS one, mainly because they are not sharing resources with the LAMP web server. I will continue to add more servers in different locations in the future. 
  • Ping text is now color red, yellow or green based on ping quality. 
  • Game room URL now shows the server so players who use the link will join the appropriate server. Also, you can now manually join a server by providing the URL parameter (e.g. striketactics.net/play?server=europe1). 
  • Added security against script injection in map files. You should see a warning if a malicious script is detected in community uploaded maps. 
  • Console cheating is no longer possible. 


  • Fixed game sometimes breaking after a deathmatch.
  • Fixed dialog boxes going behind other dialog boxes.
  • Fixed the position of close button on dialog boxes.
  • Fixed game-breaking bug related to worker lasers which would sometimes break the game after you finished a match. 
  • Fixed empty game rooms not getting deleted and the same player being listed multiple times in the player list. 
  • Hotkeys should no longer be reset every time I make a change to game options. 
  • You should no longer get error alerts in the lobby when one of the data cells (in the games list table) is undefined. 
  • Fixed problem where some adblockers (particularly ublock origin) would break the game due to an unusual conflict between 3 unrelated softwares: the apache Google pagespeed module, adblocker and the google analytics script. Adblockers now safely block the google analytics script without breaking the game. Good luck to anyone who runs into that problem. 


  • You can no longer manually target buildings with bombers in deathmatch. 

Hotfixes 7/24/17

  • Prevented players from joining a server if it is full.
  • Updated text user receives if the home server is down or full, and therefore unable to join.
  • Fixed "connecting" text showing permanently in the map editor.
  • Now when you enter the map editor, no connection to multiplayer server will be made (which improves performance).