v.992 (beta) patch notes


  • Added a "Remove all textures" button to the map editor. 
  • Revamped the map selection screen to make it cleaner. You no longer need to scroll down after clicking a pagination link. Also added several filter options: official, community, game type, # of players and the abilitiy to search for a map by name.
  • Added author text to upper right of map thumb in map selection screen. 

Strike Tactics map selection screen


  • Fixed a bug related to the workers laser which would cause the game to randomly crash. 
  • Informational messages/prompts now showing in map editor. 
  • When you save a map the file name will now be the same as the map name. 
  • Changed text in unit range info from "m" to "pixels."
  • In the map editor, you are now limited to how close you can place ground textures for performance reasons. 
  • Updated Javelin unit description to read that it does not do splash damage. 
  • Fixed a server-side issue which may have caused crashes when a player leaves.
  • Players online list should no longer say "8 players online" when you first load the page.
  • Fixed the carbon mining tech tooltip text.  


  • Overhauled Peregrine and gnat so that they fire less discriminantly. Gnat is no longer a suicidal unit but a cheap, ore-based light fighter (counterpart to the manta).
  • Increased Peregrine health from 690 to 1100.
  • Gnat cost set to 25 ore.