v.985 (beta) patch notes


  • You can now place units in the map editor. Currently, your units will only spawn in "Deathmatch" but i plan to add a custom game type which you can tag the map with when you upload. In the custom game type, no command center with workers will automatically spawn and your units created in the map will spawn.
  • Gunships (i.e. air units that tend to clump) will no spread out slighly upon first being selected. This is a dirty hack but gets the job done (of seperating clumped air) with no impact in performance. 
  • Added clouds to map on observer mode because the map feels boring and static without fog of war. 
  • Added a new "Deathmatch" game mode. Currently, DM can only be played on the new map "Four Forests." DM is a 4-player free-for-all, but can be played with at least 2 players. In DM, you start with a pre-built base and your objective is to destroy the enemy player bases. There is only one resource (energy) which automatically accumulates from your power generators. Protect your power generators to protect your income. You can also earn energy for each enemy unit and building you destroy. Currently, earn 50 energy for each unit killed and 100 for each building. Use your energy to build more units, unlock stronger units and purchase upgrades to units. There is also a giant healing pad in the center of your base.

Strike Tactics Deathmatch


  • Editor now loads start positions from map file so you do not need to recreate them each time you load the map into the editor.
  • UI sounds now play in map editor.
  • Units should not get accidentally selected when placing a building.
  • Ionic Thrusters tech appearing twice fixed.
  • Made some improvements to reconnect logic in multiplayer games. You should get "reconnecting" less often. 
  • Fixed line height on lobby chat which got jumbled when your chat was more than 1 line.
  • Removed broken tutorial.
  • Observer mode now works again. 
  • Fixed bug where you could place infinite buildings at no cost with shift.
  • Fixed selection box showing while holding shift.  
  • Dialog boxes no longer close when you hit escape.
  • Clicking map thumb in pre-game room will no longer close the lobby dialog box.
  • Fixed build unit icons appearing outside their box.
  • May have fixed the bug where units will sometimes not go to the location clicked on the mini map. Because I was unable to consistently reproduce the bug, I'm not 100% sure this fix will do the trick. 


  • Disruptor Cannon blast radius increased from 75 to 175. 
  • Manta unit AI for computers reverted to same logic for humans. 
  • Slowed the worker collection rates signifigantly (~50%).
  • You now spawn with 10 start workers instead of 6. 
  • Command Center supply increased from 10 to 15. 
  • Slowed down gunships from 240 max velocity to 220 max velocity before Ionic Thrusters tech and from 280 max velocity to 260 max velocity after Ionic Thrusters tech. 
  • No longer showing bullets on the mini map if the shooter is not visible through fog of war. 

Hotfixes 7/14/17

  • Fixed networking error which forced you to refresh the game after a game was finished.
  • Fixed scout not spinning after spawn.
  • Fixed game ending after one player leaves in a free for all or multi-team game.
  • Disable shift as a possible control group.
  • Deathmatch prototype fixes: power generators now generate 3 energy every 3 seconds instead of 2. Added more power generators to the back of each base. When you unlock a building, the first unit in that building will be unlocked. 
  • Fixed seed button not working in map editor.
  • People who could not scroll in some directions should be able to scroll in every direction now.
  • "Window Scroll" is now an option in the settings menu and is no longer dependent upon hitting the full screen button. The default is to enable scrolling.

Hotfixes 7/15/17

  • Fixed battleship cannons not auto-targeting.
  • Fixed Battleship top-right icon appearing distorted.
  • Battleship cannons now fire less discriminately, turn faster and range increased from 600 to 900.
  • Added a control point to the center of the map in Deathmatch to de-incentivize base camping. You earn twice the supply cost of units inside the circle in energy, every 3 seconds.
  • Clouds now show when you first load the map editor

Hotfixes 7/16/17

  • Fixed bug which would cause enemy units to not move in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed survival mode which was broken since the .85 patch.