v.98 (beta) patch notes


  • Now display warning message for people not using Chrome.
  • Added ST logo to the load screen.
  • Start workers now auto-harvest carbon upon spawning. 
  • Added some form validation on the chat for security. 
  • Rank checkbox now toggles visibility based on whether the game is eligible for ranking (e.g. if a computer is in the game room, the game is not eligible). 
  • Each user in the logged in user list in the lobby links to their ELO and match history screen. 
  • Map now reveals at the end game screen. 
  • Revamped lobby UI fixing a lot of bugs and visual glitches along the way. The chat area is much bigger and the background game is blurred in the new lobby. 

Strike Tactics new lobby design


  • Cleaned up the menu button graphic.
  • Fixed double burners showing on AI or enemy player units. 
  • Implemented handling for various networking edge cases, such as both players disconnecting simultaneously. 
  • Made some slight performance improvements for games involving AI. 
  • Fixed victory/defeat sometimes displaying inaccurately. 


  • Turrets build time reduced from 40 sec to 35 sec. 
  • Bombard Cannons no longer do damage in an area. Bullet damage increased from 60 to 300. Turn speed reduced from 300 to 50. 
  • Laser Turrets are now stronger against air and weaker against ground with bonus air damage increased from 10 to 15 and base damage reduced from 10 to 5. 
  • Javelin cost changed from 150 ore, 50 energy to 100 carbon, 50 ore.  
  • AI are now significantly smarter and more challenging, particularly in the early game. 
  • Computer surrenders faster.  
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Increased population max to 100. 
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Removed energy entirely. Stuff that used to cost energy now costs carbon instead. Power generators are no longer a build option.
  • Bomber damage increased from 140 to 200. 
  • Manta damage increased from 35 to 40. 

Hotfixes 7/7/17

  • Can no longer enter scripts in chat.
  • Turned blast marks back on.

Hotfixes 7/8/17

  • Fixed being able to join games already in session.