v.97 (beta) patch notes


  • The manta, when controlled by an AI, will maneuver in the air while attacking to simulate human microing. 
  • Added a sound for tech completion. 
  • Manta, harpy and droid now spin to their death. 
  • You can now see the number of units being produced in a building's queue overlaying the current selected icon when the building is selected. 
  • Redid the explosion flash effect. It should be a lot more noticeable now. 
  • Added "Ionic Thrusters," a gunship speed upgrade tech. After researching, your mantas, harpies and ion cannons will be faster and easier to control with increased maximum velocity and acceleration. 
  • Added "Advanced Radar" tech which increases your line of sight by 25%. 
  • Added "Pulsar Cannons" tech which upgrades the gladiator cannons to fire a mortar-like round which does area of effect damage. The gun firing rate and bullet speed is slower but damage is signifigantly increased.  

Strike Tactics gladiator upgrade


  • Reduced bandwidth usage for people in the lobby. 
  • Reduced bandwidth usage by ~40% for people in a game by using numeric indices instead of human-readable property names on network packets. 
  • Reduced default music volume. 
  • Converted some unit names and tech names in system message to human readable (e.g. "tier_1_mining" complete to "Tier 1 Mining complete"). 
  • Aircraft burners no longer visible on death. 
  • Fixed stealth sometimes being applied to enemy AI units when you finished the research. 
  • Fixed the bullfrog gun animation. 
  • You can now only research one tech at a time (no queueing at the tech lab). 


  • Ion Cannon, Manta and Harpy no longer fly torwards their targets but stop as soon as they get in range. 
  • Ion Cannon, Manta and Harpy can now move very small distances. 
  • Gunship speeds in tooltip are now accurate. 
  • Prevented bomber bombs from exploding before they reach their destination. 
  • Command Center build time increased from 40 to 60.
  • Mech Factory build time increased from 30 to 40.