v.955 (beta) patch notes


  • Main lobby room now has chat and a panel which shows a list of the logged in players for that server.
  • Removed "room #" from the list of games in the main lobby.
  • Added a game type label to the game type select box in the pre-game room.
  • After building a tank factory, you can now build a tech lab which gives you access to research tier 1, 2 and 3 armor and attack. Each tier gives all of your units an added (not compounded) 10% attack or defense. The tech lab also enables you to build the demolisher at the tank factory and the harpy, peregrine, battleship and ion cannon at the airstrip.
  • Roller and gladiator now require tank factory to be built. 
  • Added a second restore default button for restoring hotkey defaults. The other reset default button restores everything but the hotkeys. 
  • The host can now set a game as ranked or unranked in the pre-game room. 


  • Random disconnects should be a thing of the past as I've rewritten large aspects of the networking layer to deal specifically with that problem. 
  • The list of games which automatically populates in the lobby should not longer show numbers before populating. 
  • Survival no longer shows non-integers (e.g. 6.5 mantas approaching) when units approach. 
  • Updated a bunch of the text in unit tooltips.  
  • The camera no longer moves based on the mouse position in the lobby. 
  • Redid a bunch of the hotkey defaults to not use the "ASD" row and instead use "ZXC," because "ASD" is reserved for system hotkeys like attack and cancel. 
  • You can no longer add an AI to a full room.


  • The manta is now more micro-friendly and maneuvers like the harpy. Its health is increased from 700 to 850; damage increased from 30 to 35. 
  • Peregrine machine gun damage increased from 100 to 200. Missile damage increased from 150 to 200. 
  • Turrets are now cheaper, making static defense more viable. Both turrets now cost 100 carbon and 25 ore. 
  • Survival mode gets more difficult after you complete the first list of unit waves. 
  • Gnat is now a suicidal air unit that costs 50 ore and 50 carbon and does 250 damage to any units within its 50-pixel blast radius.
  • Gnat health decreased from 550 to 450.
  • Warhawk removed and all gunship hanger units moved to the airstrip. The gunship hanger is now the tech lab. 
  • Droids now cost 40 carbon.
  • Collection rates reduced by 10%. 
  • Ore plots now give you 1250 ore instead of 1000.
  • Javelin is now a glass cannon artillery unit with low health (1,000 reduced from 2,400), slow firing rate (4 seconds) but massive range (1500 pixels) and firepower (400 damage). The javelin has reduced movement speed and cannot fire at air units. I also changed the sounds it makes when clicked and the firing sound.

Hotfixes 6/21/17

  • Fixed not being able to change the team select on AI.

Hotfixes 6/22/17

  • Fixed collection rates (ore collection rate was accidentally increased by a significant amount).
  • Fixed a de-sync issue which was caused by a rounding inconsistency with the new armor tech upgrades.