v.945 (beta) patch notes


  • Survival mode is now multiplayer cooperative. The number of units you start with is proportionate to the number of teammates you have. Resources earned from destroying enemy units is divided equally among allies. 
  • End game screen for survival now shows the wave you made it up to and your best wave (instead of victory/defeat). 
  • Survival more difficult with resources earn reduced by 20% and more units spawning in each wave. 
  • Messages sent from the server now appear in a separate pop up message instead of the normal chat. 


  • When your opponent tabs away at the end game screen, you no longer get a reconnecting screen. 
  • The cost of units are now properly reset after you join a standard game after playing a survival game. 
  • Fog of war turned back on in survival (it was accidentally turned off). 
  • Lobby background game no longer pauses when you enter the menu. 
  • Fixed some air unit targeting issues. 
  • When the authority leaves the game room, everyone else is now properly kicked. 
  • Kick button in game room now working properly. 
  • Reduced network bandwidth used in multiplayer games by a small margin. 
  • Fixed issue which prevented a player from creating a new game when kicked from a game. 
  • Survival restart button should now work properly. 


  • Starting unit number in survival reduced from 8 to 7. 
  • Survival production building health reduced from 25K to 15K. 
  • You can now spawn units in-between waves in survival. 
  • Added new flying scout unit. You start out with a scout in standard games and can build them from the command center. 
  • Command Center now increases your population limit by 10 (same as silo). 
  • The manta shoots less discriminantly resulting in much more damage output. 
  • Gladiator range increased from 600 to 750. 

Hotfixes (6/14/17)

  • Scout now moves away from the command center on spawn to prevent selection issues with workers.
  • Fixed custom unit hotkeys not working.
  • Fixed time to build getting smaller and smaller each time you started a new survival game.
  • In survival, the "Spawning in ..." text now shows the number of units that will spawn. In addition, the spawn countdown timer starts at 5 seconds instead of 10. 
  • In survival, enemy ground units getting stuck on spawn should be a rarer occurrence. Enemy units should also walk torwards the nearest enemy when they've destroyed their initial target. 
  • Survival should no longer say "undefined" for best wave, if you've not played a game before.
  • Fixed a server issue which would prevent the lobby from showing when you finished a game
  • Made survival mode significantly more challenging and micro-oriented. Some enemy waves will also spawn with multiple unit types instead of just one.