v.935 (beta) patch notes

  • [Feature] Added new survival game mode (prototype), available on any 4 player map. Currently the game mode is single player only but will eventually support multiplayer cooperative. To play survival mode, the host needs to change the game mode from a select box which appears in the game room before the start of a game. Read more about it here
  • [Feature] Game now pauses when opening menu in non-multiplayer games.
  • [Feature] Current selected icons health turns red when low. When the health bar changes (e.g. from taking damage), it no longer animates but changes instantly, giving you a more accurate indication of health. 
  • [Feature] Added new 4-player map called "Four Beaches" which is specifically designed for the survival game mode but also make a great 1v1/2v2/FFA map. 
  • [Feature] You can now click on your current selected unit icons. The unit will appear selected when clicked. 
  • [Fix] Fixed some in-game chat styling (chat box being too big or too small). 
  • [Fix] Build unit icons now properly recreate if you change your player color going from one game to another. 
  • [Fix] Selected resource no longer appears on top of the end-game screen.
  • [Fix] Mechs should no longer randomly walk in place.
  • [Fix] Fixed ground units getting stuck in some circumstances. 
  • [Fix] Map editor now loads maps properly (was throwing an error before). 
  • [Fix] Resources no longer disappear when you play a game on the same map without refreshing the browser
  • [Gameplay] Players with slow computers and low FPS will no longer be put at a disadvantage with resource collection. The resource collection rate will be the same in a 30FPS environment as it is in a 60FPS environment
  • [Gameplay] Both peregrine guns (missiles and machin gun) can now target ground. 
  • [Gameplay] Peregrine homing missile firing rate decreased from 10 sec to 3 sec. Damage decreased from 500 to 150.