v.911 (beta) micro-patch notes

  • Overhauled bullet collision detection system. Previously, bullet collision was somewhat erratic, as it depended upon the dimensions of the unit graphics. Now, it's a lot more standardized with collision being determined by constants and not dependent upon the dimensions of unit graphics. AA guns (such as Merk and Gladiator machine guns) will fire bullets which have bigger hit boxes (double the size of normal bullets) and therefore, collide with moving targets more frequently. Units with splash, such as bombers, bombard cannons and ion cannons, have a standard blast radius of 75 (same for bomber, down from 200 for ion cannon, down from 90 for bombard cannon). The end result should be less bullets missing, especially for ground vs. air. 
  • Airstrip now requres gunship hanger (that was accidentally removed I think).
  • Fixed several game-breaking bugs, including a game-freeze error caused by ordering ground units to move, a network error and an error which was caused by buildings being completed after the end-game screen was shown. 


  • In network games, units should no longer shoot repeatedly into nothing, sometimes from all the way across the map. Note: I'm not sure if this is a fix since this problem happens so infrequently, there is no way to test my fix. So PLEASE let me know if you see the problem again, that way i will know if it is not fixed.
  • Found another game-crashing bug which was caused by ordering ground units to move.