v.9 (beta) patch notes

  • [Feature] Implemented elo-based ranking system.
    Every player is assigned an ELO rating which changes based on performance. ELO is evaluated for 1v1, player vs. player games only. In games vs. AI, or games with more than 2 people, ELO is not evaluated and you will not see a rank tab at the end-game screen. To evaluate ELO, I use a standard ELO formula ("algorithm of 400") with a logistic distribution model and a k-factor of 32 (constants which are pretty standard in competitive chess). The start elo (which is arbitrary) is set at 1200. Other ranking features include:
    • View your match history at the end game screen and also in your account profile page (striketactics.net/users/[USERNAME]). The match history includes time played, map, opponent, oppenent ELO, result (victory or defeat), and elo gained/lost. 
    • View global rankings by going to striketactics.net/ladder or clicking the "Global Rankings" link in the rank tab of the end-game screen.
    • View the percentage chance you had of beating your opponent (based on both players' respective ELO) in the rank tab of the end-game screen.
    • View the ELO you gained or lost in the rank tab of the end-game screen.
    • View your ELO progression over time in the rank tab of the end-game screen.
  • [Feature] Added "The Fall" audio track. Preview the song here
  • [Fix] Enemy players now get the end game screen when you surrender (or vice versa). 
  • [Fix] Chronological end-game stats were not starting at 0 (i.e. the beginning of the game could be something like 35 minutes if you played another game before). 
  • [Gameplay] All airstrip units are infinitely more maneuverable. Peregrine max angular velocity increased from 150 to 400; turn speed from 6 to 17. Bomber max angular increased from 160 to 300; turn speed from 1 to 2. Gnat max angular increased from 200 to 400; turn speed from 16 to 17. 
  • [Gameplay] Bomber damage decreased from 200 to 75. 
  • [Gameplay] The harpy no longer goes to targeting units. This made the unit difficult to control because it overrides move commands. 
  • [Gameplay] When enemies are nearby, Gnat and Peregrine stop turning when their current angle is within 15 degrees of their desired angle (increased from 5 degrees). This causes them to gain maneuverability at the expense of turn precision.
  • [Gameplay] The Peregrine and Gnat machine guns fire less discriminately (when a target is within 15 degrees instead of 5).  This should increase damage output overall. 
  • [Gameplay] Peregrine machine gun damage increased from 70 to 100.