v.76 (alpha) patch notes

  • [Feature] Resource amounts now appear when clicking on a resource and update in realtime. 
  • [Fix] Setting teams is now dumby-proof. You can have 3 players on team 3 and one on team 1, and the game will not break.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug which would cause the game to crash randomly when moving ground units. 
  • [Fix] When a worker(s) finish a resource, the smoke puff no longer appears if the unit is not visible (i.e. hidden in fog of war).
  • [Fix] Made marginal performance improvements. 
  • [Fix] Peregrine homing missiles now move correctly in multiplayer games. 
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue which was causing bullets to not appear in multiplayer games which made it look like units were dying without being fired at. 
  • [Gameplay] All gunships have increased acceleration and decreased maximum velocities to prevent orbits around points. The orbits were happening when the acceleration was not enough to compensate for inertia from previous move commands. Now the manta and harpy will only orbit around enemy units they are attacking which makes them much easier to control. 
  • [Gameplay] Mantas and Harpies no longer clump when moved in a selection group. I.e. they move similar to ground units in that they attempt to maintain relative position from each other when ordered to move. 
  • [Gameplay] If a worker drops off a resource at a silo, it will return to the previous resource it was collecting from (instead of searching for a new one) if that resource is not yet depleted. 
  • [Experimental] Droids no longer have burners or visible lasers. This is a performance experiment. 
  • [Experimental] Resources no longer appear on the mini map. This is a performance experiment.