Construction & Production

To eliminate the problem of pathfinding getting in the way of expanding your production, all construction is handled by flying worker units, the same flying worker units responsible for carbon collection. To maintain the 50-50 dynamic between air and ground, most buildings will be ore-expensive, ore being the resource collected by the ground worker unit. 

These flying worker units use lasers to 3D-print buildings. 

Multiple flying units can work on the same building.

Adding a second worker to a building construction will cause the construction to be completed in 150% of the time. A third, 175%, a fourth 187.5%, and so on. Each added worker cuts the completion time down by half of the time cut down by the previous worker added. 

In Strike Tactics, base-building is decentralized. There is no command center like in starcraft or town center, like in age of empires. There is no commander like in Total Annihilation. In other words, no head to the chicken. This "decentralization" is meant to encourage more varied playstyles. In Starcraft 2, start with a base, which you automatically mine from, and expand by building more command centers in other pre-determined, mineral locations. Your starting position is defensible with ramps and movement obstructions. While these make for some really fun game mechanics, it also limits the number of viable early-game strategies. It also makes it much more difficult to make a comeback, if you lose your starting base. For these reasons, I'd like to try something different from fixed, pre-determined starting bases. 

The big obvious drawback here is that decentralization opens up a lot of opportunities for cheese. However, 'm confident that, over time, I can weed out any cheese strategies that fundamentally disrupt the game's mechanics, while leaving in the ones that can be countered.

"Decentralized" base building is very much an experiment and if it proves to not be viable, I can always overhaul the system and go back to something more traditional. 


Production in Strike Tactics is pretty standard. Every building has a queue, and units will be created based on the order you click to build them. You can cancel a unit by right-clicking its icon in the queue.

I'm still debating whether the extremely large units -  the super weapons and battleships - should be produced from buildings, or if they should be created on the ground from the flying worker units.