Offensive Islands

There are many islands which are available to take advantage of, but the real jackpot is in the center.

Outwards Expansion

This map has a twist. Instead of expanding closer to your enemies, you will grow further away.


Many paths that lead to the enemy. Only one leads to riches. Prepare to fight for it.

Offensive Options

This map allows for multiple ways to attack the enemy. You can circle around with your ground units, strike quickly with air, or mine the trees for a direct path.

Choke Point

This map allows players to prepare defences and offences with limited ore. The remaining ore is in the center of the map. Prepare to fight for it!

Subaked Plane

A place full of resources, this battleground is ready for war!

Sidewinder II

(Updated version which blocks potential silo locations in central crater.)

Rival Climates

Two rivals locked in battle for millenium discover the resource that will turn the tides of battle in their favour. Be the first team to capitalize on the discovery. An Asymetrical battleground for a 2v2. One gold patch each, with a long distance base to mine gold in either corner


Battle for Arrakis