v.92 (beta) patch notes

  • [Feature] You can now set building rally paths to units which allows you to more easily send reinforcements to your military units. 
  • [Feature] You can now select all military units with CTRL-A. 
  • [Fix] Long range units can no longer shoot at buildings which are revealed but not within line of sight
  • [Fix] End game screen now appears when your surrender with an AI ally still alive. 
  • [Fix] Cancel unit no longer resets production progress on the currently building unit. 
  • [Fix] You can no longer get a free unit which builds instantly by right clicking a unit production icon at the right time. 
  • [Fix] Removed old "water" tab from the map editor.
  • [Fix] In the map editor, placing objects with no unwalkable areas (i.e. ore) no longer get placed multiple times with a single click. 
  • [Fix] The Warhawk and Harpy no longer randomly pick up ground units when flying above them. 
  • [Fix] The ion cannon no longer stops spinning.
  • [Fix] The right click menu should no longer appear when right-clicking at the top-right of the screen. 
  • [Fix] Removed the rounding from the squares of around the unit type icons in the top right.
  • [Fix] Clicking unit type icons should work even if the mouse drags over the icon or is clicked fast. 
  • [Fix] Lowered the position of the idle worker icon, which was appearing on top unit type icons in some browsers. 
  • [Fix] Fixed problem where some units in the selection group would not go to attack a target if one unit in the group could not target that unit (i.e. bomber targeting air). 
  • [Fix] You can no longer manually toggle production cycles with the tab key. This may have been disrupting the production cycle. 
  • [Fix] Air units should no longer fly off the map for too long. 
  • [Gameplay] Radial gun can no longer be built. 
  • [Gameplay] Disrupter cannon can now be built and is tested to work for multiplayer games.
  • [Gameplay] Air units  in selection group will get closer together if they are greater than 500 pixels apart (down from 1000).
  • [Gameplay] Command Center HP increased from 4800 to 6000. 
  • [Gameplay] Battleship cannon damage increased from 60 to 120. 
  • [Gameplay] Increased bomber firing rate (time till next fire) from 50 milli to 100. Bomber speed increased from 595 to 700. This will give the bombs a larger spread which means less concentrated firepower. 
  • [Gameplay] Harpy damage increased from 30 to 35. 
  • [Gameplay] Disrupter Cannon now does damage to units within the blast radius of exploding rounds.
  • [Gameplay] Max population increased from 70 to 80.
  • [Gameplay] Workers now spawn instantly at the beginning of the game instead of coming out one by one. 
  • [Gameplay] Gladiator guns fire less discriminantly, making it better against moving targets. 
  • [Gameplay] Warhawk damage increased from 20 to 40. This unit needs considerable firepower because it is one of the only air units which can only attack ground. 


  • Air unit max distance in selection group set to 300 (decreased from 500).
  • Fixed strange movement behavior when moving air units over water or any type of unwalkable area.
  • Hitting alt-tab should no longer mess up unit selection. To acheive this, I disabled the alt-drag to select only workers.
  • Removed max selected limit (40) which had been enabled by accident.


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